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The Zimmerman Bury Octagon House

An Ohio 501c3 Nonprofit Corporation
The Zimmerman Bury Octagon House, 10095 Wadsworth Road, Marshallville, OH 44645

Time with Libby Custer: Learn about the life of General Custer's wife, Libby, during and after the Civil War.
Suggested Donation $100
The Perils of Petticoats: An overview of women's mid 19th century fashions which debunks the myths surrounding such items as hoopskirts & corsets. Antique clothing items presented and/or slide show.
Suggested Donation $100
How Women Served in the Civil War: A look at the unsung heroes of the great conflict both in battle and on the home front.
Suggested Donation $100
Ladies of the Grand Army of the Republic: A history of the oldest American Women's heritage organization, their accomplishments and their goals.
Suggested Donation $100
Tea Time: The development of the custom of afternoon tea from it's Victorian roots to the present.
Suggested Donation $100
Life with Eight Sides: A slide show of the 19th century fad for Octagonal structures and life within one.
Suggested Donation $100
Crafts and Workshops
Chenille Miniature Trees 
This unique item makes a great gift orfocal point in any room at Christmas time. These hand-made chenille trees are adorned with period looking ornaments and enhanced with old fashioned toys and gifts beneath. Trees can be ordered with any theme such as: Patriotic or Civil War, Seashells, Snowflakes, Valentine's Day, Birds, flowers etc.
Due to the time involved in these hand-made treasures, please allow for plenty of order time.
Minimum Donation $150.00 premade
Minimum Workshop Donation $75.00 includes dome, supplies, and decorations. Estimated time 6 hours or 2 sessions, minimum of 6 people preferred.
Wool Flowers
Our frugal ancestors didn't waste anything. Using leftover scraps of wool yarns they fashioned flowers for arrangements under glass domes and wreaths fro shadow boxes.
Using the original instructions from period magazines such as the Godey's, we reproduce these flowers so often found in the fashionable Victorian parlor.
Arrangements available in baskets, teacups or domes.
Large quantities of separate flowers available upon request.
Minimum Donation varies upon size and style starting at $35.00 premade.
Minumum Workshop Donaiton $50.00 learning 2 styles of flowers, all supplies provided. Estimated time 2-3 hours, minimum of 6 people preferred.
Pinecone Baskets:  The frugal Victorians made use of common items from nature when creating decorative accessories for their homes.  One popular material was the ordinary pinecone.  Assemble an authentic pinecone basket for your holiday or year round table.
Minimum Donation varies upon size, style and availability of materials, starting at $50.00 premade.
Minimum Workshop Donaiton $50.00 all supplies provided, except hot glue gun.  Estimated time 2-3 hours, minimum of 6 people preferred.
Wedding Memory Boxes:  A shadow box containing memorabilia from your wedding.  Just a few suggested items to bring include:  invitation, printed napkin, silk flower, fabric samples, favors, something old, borrowed or blue used, jewelry, pictures etc.  Embellishments and shadow box included.
Minimum Donation $50 premade.
Minimum Workshop Donation $35.  Estimated time 2 hours, minimum of 3 people preferred.
Dressed Figures:  19th century ladies often sought decorations for their homes that were both economical and samples of their own artistic creativity.  to this end they sometimes cut a favorite fashion plate out of an old magazine, mounted it on board and "redressed" the figures using real fabrics and trims.  We are now reproducing these unique wall decorations using copies of the original fashion plates.  Our print collection contains mostly 1850 to 1890 prints.  If a specific time period is desired, please specify.
Minimum Donation varies by size and framing, starting at $50.00 premade.
Minimum Workshop Donation $50.00 does not include matting or framing.  Estimated time 3-6 hours, minimum of 6 people preferred.

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